Merry Christmas to St. Mary’s Home

Released: 12/10/2007  

In this season of giving, Carlisle Medical and Carlisle & Associates chose St. Mary’s Home to assist in providing the children Christmas gifts and needed supplies. St. Mary’s Home is a residential treatment facility for abused and neglected children in Mobile, Alabama. Founded in 1838 as an orphanage, St. Mary’s provides shelter and long term residential care to children and adolescents experiencing behavioral and emotional difficulties as a result of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and/or chronic severe neglect. This facility presently has 35 children and five young adults ranging in age from 7 to 21 years of age. While the State Department of Human Resources and the Department of Youth Services refers all the children at St. Mary’s, they provided only 55% of the operating costs. The remaining operating expenses are made up by the United Way and the Mobile, Alabama community. It is our privilege here at Carlisle to do our part at this holiday season to help the children in our community.