Carlisle & Associates services are engineered for the workers’ compensation industry. Each service ultimately ensures that injured workers receive the best care available while providing reduced costs for our clients. Your company, together with Carlisle & Associates, can truly Make A Difference.

Case Management

Cost-effective methods to facilitate an injured worker’s timely return to gainful employment.

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telephonic case management - carlisle medical

Telephonic Case Management

Telephonic Case Management (TCM) Removes Geographical Restrictions And Offers The Flexibility Of Nationwide Outreach.

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Case Management Prescription Review

A comprehensive clinical review of an injured workers drug therapy to identify more cost-effective treatment options.

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Carlisle Medical - Utilization Services

Utilization Services

A combination of useful workers’ compensation services designed to ensure the best care available.

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Carlisle Medical

Nationwide pharmacy and durable medical equipment management programs that assist insurance carriers, third-party administrators and employers in significantly lowering their worker’s compensation costs.

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