Released: 01/10/2014   By: Carl Richie, Pharmacy Manager

In its January 10, 2014 notice in the Federal Register, the FDA ordered drug companies to stop the manufacturing of unapproved products from the following prescription drug list:

> Single-ingredient codeine sulfate oral tablets;
> Single-ingredient codeine phosphate injections;
> Combination products containing codeine phosphate; and
> Combination products containing dihydrocodeine bitartrate.

The FDA ruled that all prescription drug products in these four categories are now misbranded, effective January 10, 2014. Since these drugs are now misbranded, pharmacies must stop their dispensing activity for these products. This applies to new prescriptions, as well as any remaining refills on previously issued prescriptions. Carlisle Medical Pharmacy will contact the prescriber to make appropriate changes in the drug therapy of our claimants affected by this new ruling.