Excellence in Caring: Roger James

Released: 03/15/2017   By: Paul Wingate

Roger is a member of the DME department and has been with Carlisle Medical for 2 years.

I would like to commend the customer service provided by Roger James of our DME team. I handle primarily states with claimants who are often in isolated, remote areas. Additionally, these states have advocates for employees. Employees do not hesitate to call the state office and complain about every delay and on every issue. I have had several opportunities to work with Roger involving some of my “hard to find the product” cases and he has been consistently helpful and requests products to always arrive timely. The note of appreciation was brought to my attention by an adjuster who has been in the business for 28 years. He believed that Roger’s efforts should be commended since far too often only negative feedback is heard about and rarely the positive. Roger’s continued quality in customer service is a true example of a “Class Act” for the Carlisle Medical and DME team.

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