Excellence in Caring: Bryan

Released: 08/15/2017   By: Gretchen

Kudos goes to Bryan for handling a late evening issue to ensure our NARS claimant received a necessary equipment item!
Bryan received a hunt group call from a claimant’s family in regards to a necessary piece of equipment that a local DME company in Gainesville, Florida promised to deliver that day. The delivery did not happen and the local DME company was closed for the day. Bryan worked to find another local DME company in the area to no avail. Local drug stores were the next option, but again, the independents who were most likely to accept payment over the phone were closed for the day. The claimant’s preferred Walgreen’s was contacted, but they would not accept payment over the phone. Bryan contacted a local Walgreen’s, went to the location and paid in person, allowing the prescription to be transferred to the Gainesville Walgreen’s. The claimant’s family was able to pick up the item. Bryan stayed in communication with them until the transaction was completed.
He did not stop. During the process, he even made stated he wished he could deliver the item himself. He did not take these steps because he had to. He took these steps because he wanted to!
Thank you, Bryan, for the great customer care!