Excellence in Caring: Brent

Released: 09/20/2017   By: Paul

I am nominating Brent for the Customer Care Award. Brent’s actions have made a lasting difference to our department and organization.

Brent takes each of his referrals to heart. He works hard to ensure the claimants are taken care of in a timely manner and is relentless in following up to verify the vendors we use are doing what they should to complete the transactions.

Brent has received accolades from several Adjusters and Nurse Case Managers over the past few months for his excellent customer service. On a recent delicate transaction involving a paraplegic claimant, he did not stop until he received the proper results. He received accolades from the Adjuster as well as the Claimant.

“Brent has been assisting me with my DME needs for about a year now and his customer service has never wavered from being anything but the best.”

“Brent is an exceptional employee and is always courteous to me and very helpful. He does well in this line of business/work/health.”

To find out more information about the Excellence in Caring Award program or how to nominate an employee, please follow the link below:

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