Excellence In Caring: Lisa

Released: 05/15/2019  

Lisa is nominated for providing great visibility to the medical device savings we can provide to our customers by shipping a specific brand from the Carlisle Medical warehouse. There is additional effort involved to ensure the prescribing physician agrees to the specific brand.
As noted below, the nurse is “spreading the word about our excellent customer service and spot-on Mission Statement.”
I appreciate Lisa providing the service to earn these powerful words in regards to a client referral!
Here’s what the nurse had to say, “Hello!  I wanted to reach out to you in regards to Lisa Haines.  I am so impressed with the service that has been provided by Ms. Haines.  She reached out to me and was able to offer a substantially lower price for a medical device for my claimant saving well over $3000 from the invoice I received from another provider.  I am spreading the word about your excellent customer service and your spot-on Mission Statement.  Thank you!”