Introducing Carlisle Claim Search

Released: 02/15/2021  

Introducing Carlisle Claim Search


Portal Enhancement: Part of our mission is creating time savings for our clients. We take this seriously because your time is valuable. Our IT department performed an analysis and saw where most adjusters would login, type a claimant name, and then perform a claim number search to access the claim history in our system. Our team has worked to save the adjuster steps by streamlining this activity. A recent update to portal allows an adjuster to quickly pull up claimant information by claim number in one click! There are many features in portal to help our customers get their work done quickly. If you are a customer, please let us a know how you like this new feature.

If you are new to Carlisle, the Carlisle Portal, or interested in learning more about our portal and service offerings, please call us today at 1-800-553-1783.

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