Join Carlisle Medical With The Fight Against Domestic Violence

Released: 08/25/2021  

Carlisle Medical is proud to be a supporter for Penelope House and help bring public awareness to Domestic Violence. The mission of Penelope House is to provide safety, protection, and support to the victims of Domestic Violence and their children through the provision of shelter, advocacy, and individual and community education. 

Penelope House helps victims of intimate partner violence to gain social and economic independence through shelter, counseling, advocacy, and referral to community resources and agencies in Mobile, Washington, Choctaw, and Clarke Counties in Alabama.  The shelter can provide refuge for victims and their children when their lives are in imminent danger. Temporary shelter allows escape from a violent situation. The prevention of domestic violence through education and public awareness is the goal of Penelope House. 

If you know someone who is, or you suspect is, a victim of intimate partner violence, you can help:

Be alert to possible signs of domestic violence:

  • Changes in behavior and work performance
  • Lack of concentration
  • Increased or unexplained absences
  • Placing/receiving harassing phone calls
  • Bruises or injuries which are unexplained or come with explanations that do not add up

Believe them if someone confides in you that they are being abused.

Listen without judging.  Victims often believe their abuser’s negative messages and feel responsible, ashamed, and afraid they will be judged.

Tell them they don’t have to stay in the abusive situation and that help is available.  Give them Penelope House’s 24 hour crisis line (251) 342-8994 or (800) 650-6522. You may also contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline (800) 799-SAFE (7233).

Leaving an abusive situation is not only difficult, but dangerous. Be patient with victims as they transition to survivors. 

To learn more about Penelope House: Click Here

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To contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline: Click Here


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