Carlisle Medical August Excellence In Caring

Released: 08/07/2023  

Meeting our customers’ needs is our #1 priority at Carlisle Medical. This is precisely illustrated by the action of Case Manager, Courntey.  Recently, one of her injured workers had been returned to work after conservative care.  Unfortunately, he continued to experience pain, preventing him from enjoying a quality life. As a result of Courtney’s advocacy, the provider discovered a more serious injury had gone undiagnosed.  The injured worker received the proper care for the injury and was able to return to work functioning pain free.  He wrote Courtney saying, “Thank you, Courtney! You are very helpful and great at your job! You made me feel special, like I was your only client!”

Mission accomplished Courtney!

Thank you for showing our injured workers the utmost care and concern.  You are making a difference!

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